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Nickinator's Vintage Bicycles 

Full restorations & preservation of original bikes



Specializing in bicycles & parts from 1890's-1960s

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  Before & Afters


1940 Colson Snap Tank

Original paint with oxalic acid bath

1940 Elgin Sport

Full restoration

1951 Goodyear Hiway Patrol

Full restoration

1959 Roadmaster Skyrider

Full restoration

1941 Huffman Firestone AirFlyte

Original paint after rubbing compounds and oil.

Won "Best Unrestored" at Ann Arbor 4/17

1937 Hawthorne Zep

Original paint with oxalic acid bath

1940 Mead Ranger Champion (Autocycle) Original paint with oxalic acid bath

1917 Miami Flying Merkel

1 of 2 complete bikes known to exist.

Full resto and sourcing parts took two years....

1941 Colson Clipper Double Eagle Deluxe

Original paint after Navel Jelly soak & oil

1938 Elgin Bluebird

Refurbished an old restoration

1941 Colson Clipper Double Eagle Deluxe

Original paint, used Goof Off and oxalic acid to remove layers of spray paint and rust

1939 Monark Airman Comet


airman at Davenport 1.jpg




airman at Davenport 3.jpg
airman at Davenport 5.jpg
airman at Davenport 2.jpg

Extremely rare, dual suspension bike.

Only 1 other complete one is known.


This bike's frame and fork had flakey orange overpaint on it- so it was carefully picked off with razor blades (orig paint too fragile for solvent), revealing the original dark red paint. Some illustrations show this bike with painted fenders, others with more deluxe stainless, as this one has. Original Delta battery tube and Delta  Silver Rays. Tank was patina matched and graphics were hand painted.


The rear suspension is very tricky to ride and brake- probably why few survived.

Featured Restoration

1939 Monark FloCycle "26X"

This rare, all aluminum frame, 26" bike was a complex 16  month restoration, with extensive frame damage and missing/damaged parts. Restoration was commissioned by the original owner's daughter. Currently on display at  Riverside Cyclery in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa, on the route for Ragbrai.

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