1941 Deluxe Schwinn DX


   End of year 1940 serial #, early 1941  production.

   Rare "reverse color" chainguard and rack

Chrome Flat Lobdell Rims

Springer Fork

One-Year-Only Frame Bumper

EZ Speed Our Own Hardware Badge

Patent stickers still pristine



Purchased from the original owner Dona in northern MN,

her family bought it from the Our Own Hardware store in her small town in 1941, bet she was the envy of all the boys!



Pics of her with it at age 8, 12 and finally 82.

After pics~ cleaned & serviced, correct tires & grips.


1941 ~ Dona, age 8, posing with her new bike

1945 ~ Dona, age 12, can finally reach the pedals!

2015 ~ Dona, age 82. She'd decided she

"probably wouldn't ride it anymore"...but did

say she wouldn't mind "one more ride".

What a Gal!

Sept. 2015 ~ It won the Boom Island Ride & Show trophy.  Dona was pleased to hear it, and was glad it was being ridden and enjoyed again.