1917 Haverford Black Beauty Champion

The only Schwinn made Champion known to exist. Purchased in 2017 from the original family, it had been kept in excellent original condition

for 100 years.


All original parts- White wall with blue tread Firestone Non-Skids tires, Cyclometer, Air Pump, Klaxon Horn

Picture of the original owner in 1917.

The Champion was a top of the line bicycle and cost $54, which was considerably more money than comparable bicycles at the time, such as the Pope, Indian, and Harley Davidson etc.

The Black Beauty winning First Runner Up in the "Bike of the Year" class.

Ann Arbor, MI ~ April 2018

1940 Schwinn Hollywood

Beautiful and pristine with original

Cobalt Blue paint.

With rare optional New Departure 2 speed.

One-year-only model with last year for chrome deluxe guard and first year for train light.

Locking springer fork with Schwinn key and rubber frame bumper. Royal badge.

Patent Pending stickers

Sliding Rail Mesinger B Delux 4 Seat